Birth Equity Nassau September Newsletter



Bill to Reduce Black Maternal Mortality Introduced by Senator Harris.

By Tari Ajeh

September 25, 2018

Hello Birth Justice Warriors and Advocates!

Senator Kamala Harris introduces Maternal CARE Act
The Maternal Care Access and Reducing Emergencies  (CARE) Act was introduced by Senator Kamala Harris and thirteen other Democratic Senators.

        The goal of this bill is to help reduce the disparate and adverse health outcomes black mothers face in pregnancy and childbirth. The proposed plan of action is to create two grant programs. The first will be focused on provider education to check implicit bias by providers. This proposed training will be offered in medical, nursing and other training schools. The second arm of the plan is aimed at providing providers with incentives to encourage integrated health services for women throughout the period during and after pregnancy. Read more about this bill by following the link below.

Birth Justice Warriors Update:

November is Infant Mortality Awareness Month. The Birth Justice Warriors will be holding at least one community event during this time. If you are interested in attending, or in collaborating with us on an event, contact us via email at

As a result of the success of our first Birth Justice Warriors training, we will be holding another, shorter version of the training. The spaces are extremely limited so if you are interested, fill out the application by following the link below.

Finally, our website is live! The website is still being developed but check us out at 

All important information with regards to the training and any future events will be on our website.Spread the word!

The Birth Equity Nassau Newsletter is written by Tari Ajeh and edited by Martine Hackett, PhD, MPH.

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