ADvice from a doula and mother of three

TeAna discusses her birthing story, how it informed her next birthing experiences, and what one should know and research for their own birthing plan and journey.

Be Educated and Have an Advocate

TeAna emphasizes the importance of having an advocate during your pregnancy and birthing journey. She also highlights being educated and equipped with the knowledge of what your rights are as birthing person.

No one told me

Sharri details the difficulties of her postpartum journey and getting the appropriate care she needed. Her story is a reminder that medical emergencies should be managed BEFORE they become medical emergencies.

Love + Education = Power

Sharelle Allen describes her pregnancy journey and her fears about giving birth. She discussed how many women in her life had C-sections and took drugs to give birth to their children. Thus, by educating herself, working with a midwife, and following a healthy lifestyle, Allen felt empowered. On September 14, 2014, she gave birth to a healthy baby naturally.